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Rehearsal/Grooms Dinner

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a nontraditional rehearsal/grooms dinner? Traditionally, the groom's family is supposed to pay. In our circumstance, they are unable to afford it. So I'm looking for other ways that we can have a great time for about 20-30 people without the bride's family paying for all of that too. I was thinking maybe a potluck but I'm not sure where we could hold that?

Re: Rehearsal/Grooms Dinner

  • You could do that and see if there is someone's house you could go to or why not see if a pizza place has a party room and you could get a few big pizzas?
  • We are in the same boat. My fiance and I are paying for the entire wedding (gettng married in 2 weeks!!) But his family cannot afford anything, so we are paying for everything with some minor help from my mom. Our rehearsal dinner is going to be in my parents backyard, with pizza/salad/bread and pop, beer and wine. Its cost effective and it'll be fun. We'll do a fire pit and have music and some minor decor. Fun and laid back, just like us. We reserved a room at Broadway Pizza in case of weather. :)
  • Potluck sounds like a great idea!! Do you know anybody who lives in an apartment or condo that has a party room? That's one option, otherwise, with that number of people, you could also have it at somebody's house. Maybe try checking with friends/relatives who would attend to see if anybody would be willing to have it at their place...

    If none of those work, there are lots of community centers that have rooms you can rent for fairly cheap. Many of them don't allow alcohol, though, so whether it works may depend on if that's a must.
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