Do not use this DJ!!! ( M Cubed Music)

DO NOT USE M CUBED MUSIC AS YOUR DJ!!!!! After my fiance and I paid him in full he disappeared off the face of the planet. We could not contact him via facebook message, email, or phone for two weeks. He finally responded to us after we requested our money back, less the deposit, and said he would absolutely not refund our money and it was our loss. He even had the nerve to yell at my fiance and I for 20 minutes on the phone while we were explaining to him why we wanted to go in a different direction for a dj. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and while he may be cheaper than other dj's in the area trust me, you will be happy you spent the money on a professional three weeks before your wedding and are able to get a hold of them!!! I hope I am able to save other brides time, money, and hassle by posting my story.

Re: Do not use this DJ!!! ( M Cubed Music)

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