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Hanging decor

I need advice. Our wedding venue has a ceiling that is much like a school ceiling, the big foamy dry wall looking tiles and I'm wondering how I could hang paper decorations from it?  Would scotch tape or packaging tape hold well enough for a 2 and a half-3 hour reception?

Re: Hanging decor

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    My mom is a teacher and they use paper clips. Unfold them so they make an S shape, one half hooks on the ceiling grid and the other half the decoration hangs from. You can't really see them, but I would maybe spray paint them either white to blend with the ceiling or whatever color the decoration is.
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    Whatever you do, be sure to check with the venue first! 

    I would avoid scotch tape or packing tape. It probably wouldn't hold well. I'd resort to tacks, if they're allowed.  
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    Thanks for the ideas.  Paper clips, I have plenty of so if they allow them I wouldn't have to buy any!

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