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Non-beach destinations?

FI and I are starting to think about our honeymooning plans for next May but have a couple limitations.  FI is not really a beach person, so the standard tropical destinations have been nixed, and as much as we'd both love to go to Europe, but that's looking a little too expensive. Right now we're thinking Montreal, but I thought I'd try to get some other ideas as well.  What we're looking for is something a little more mellow (arts & history vs clubs & partying) with plenty of good food. 

So wonderful internet people, any additional suggestions?  Or experiences with Montreal?

Re: Non-beach destinations?

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    What time of year are you looking to travel? What is your budget? What types of activities do you like? Perhaps there is a destination that has a good mix of beach and activity that may fit your time of year and budget.


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    Charleston has a great mix of beach, history and great restaurants. May is a great time because of all the flowers ESP azaleas that are blooming and the weather is perfect....also a wine country/ San Fransisco trip.......Richmond and surrounding areas for great history and DC....
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    My fiance and I are going to Puerto Rico. We'll probably do a little bit of the beach. But I think most of our time will be spent exploring the history of the island via walking around and going to museums.

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    Are you driving or flying? For how long? Budget? When are you going?


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    We don't have a set HM budget right now, but tickets to Prague (our ideal choice) looked to be around $2k, which is a lot more then we're looking to spend on travel.  It looks like airfare to Montreal will be about 1/2 that which, while still pricey, seems more reasonable.

    Tropical destinations are truly nixed (I love them, FI doesn't and there are tons of places that won't burn him to a crisp as soon as he steps off the plane so I'm fine with it).  We are looking to fly (we live in MN, there is nowhere within comfortable driving distance that I would consider honeymooning) and we're planning to be gone for a week.  Since we're flying we'd prefer a city with good public transportation so we wouldn't have to rent a car.  Things we're looking for are art/architecture, museums, awesome food, and good shopping would be a perk (for me).
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    I second the suggestion for Charleston, but I live not too far away and get to go a lot so I am biased. The beach there is fine, but there is so much more to do and everything downtown is pretty walkable. It has a ton of history, great food, great shopping and great bars. Everything is pretty walkable downtown, too. If you are looking at early May, though, make sure to pay attention to when College of Charleston graduation is. It may make it more difficult to find hotels. 

    I've heard good things about Montreal - will the language barrier be an issue for you? I've also heard wonderful things about Toronto and every picture I've seen of Vancouver and Prince Edward Island is gorgeous. 
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    Seattle! Come to Seattle or just PNW! May is pretty mild out here. Lots to do and see. You could just do a couple west coast cities even. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle.
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    You could do an east coast tour.

    Fly in to Boston, explore for a day or two, take the Amtrak to Philadelphia, then Amtrak to Baltimore, then Amtrak or commuter train to end in DC. Fly home from DC.

    You could spend a night or two in each city. Personally, I'd skip NYC since it's just too big to explore in a day and overall expensive to stay over.

    DH & I have done this east coast tour a few times. It's fun and easy with all of the public transit.

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    But I'm biased. :o
    I love it because it's super modern, but you can drive just 30 minutes east and stay in a treehouse next to waterfalls. 
    I mean.. come on?! 

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    @firsttimersluck Whoa... treehouse next to waterfalls???  Do you have link for this awesomeness?

    We'll definitely have to look into Charleston and Seattle.  Boston would be cool for me, but FI's been there several times and more recently and I think he's looking for someplace new (and yes, NYC is not really on the list--we've both been and had fun, but it's not high on the repeat list).  San Francisco would be on the HM consideration list (that's a city I'd go back to in a heartbeat), but my sister lives there so I'm sure we'll be doing more family related trips.  Wine country may be on the table though. Part of the dilemma is that we're both fairly well-traveled, but want to go somewhere new.

    As far as Montreal and the language barrier... neither of us speaks any French (sadly since there's French Canadian in both our backgrounds) but we'd try and find a community ed class or something similar if we decide to go there.  I also figure if I can survive Paris knowing zero French, I can survive Montreal. 
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    I stayed here a couple months back. Incredible. YOu fall asleep to the river right next to you, the trails are incredible, and Snoqualmie falls is right around the corner (along with a bunch of nearby, smaller ones). 
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    Montreal is my favourite city in the world. You will have no problems with the language at all. Everyone in the shops says "bonjour - hi" when you enter and nearly everyone in the service industry speaks some English.  You can always ask for an English menu in restaurants.  It is very easy to get around, the public transit system is fantastic, and there are wonderful shops, restaurants and parks.  It is a wonderful romantic city. I would highly recommend Auberge la Fontaine (a charming boutique B&B), or Hotel Place D'armes in Old Montreal.
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    I stayed here a couple months back. Incredible. YOu fall asleep to the river right next to you, the trails are incredible, and Snoqualmie falls is right around the corner (along with a bunch of nearby, smaller ones). 
    That place looks awesome!  Now I just need to convince H that one of our next vacations should be there...h
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    Hi there,

    There are several beautiful places to explore in Canada!

    -Montreal: you want culture, history and delicious food? You got it! The city is also known for all the various festivals it holds throughout the summer. You can easily spend and entire day strolling the streets and not get bored. A couple things to taste: poutine (you have to try it!) and Montreal Smoked Meat. *drool*
    I would recommend you also go to Quebec City if you can squeeze it in (2 hours outside MTL) you won't regret it.

    -Vancouver: Talk about one of the most beautiful places in the country...possibly the world! If you love the outdoors, this is the place to go. The city also has cute shops to check out and great r&r locations....and who can forget the mountains with gorgeous trails? Pack a picnic, and enjoy.

    - Prince Edward Island: it's a tiny little place with some of the kindest people! People from the east coast are known for their hospitality so I'd definitely recommend staying at a bed & breakfast. Lovely red sand beaches leading to the ocean, lobster caught the same day and some great music!

    Hope you have fun on your honeymoon! Wherever you decide to go, I'm sure it'll be great :)

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    I would suggest Quebec City! 
    "It's always better when we're together." -Jack Johnson
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    We went to Montreal and Quebec city in Feb 2012. We drove up from NYC (just for background). Both were fabulous and I would love to go again.

    Quebec city is so charming. You feel like you're in a European village. Montreal is chic and full of energy. We had great food and more to do than we had time.

    I studied French in high school and college, which was helpful, but not necessary. I have no hesitation recommending them for a honeymoon.
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