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Staten Island Wedding Hair + Makeup Suggestions Needed!

Hi all - I am getting married in Northern NJ, but will be getting ready along with my bridal party on SI. We will be in the New Dorp area but anything on the "South Shore" works. I am looking for a hair salon that can accomodate myself, 6 bridesmaids, and my mother. Ideally hair and makeup for everyone. Any and all ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance!

Re: Staten Island Wedding Hair + Makeup Suggestions Needed!

  • House of trends
  • Salon 72 !!
  • AF Bennett

    Fab Alarcon.  She will come to you.  Does mostly fashion but will do weddings on the side.  So laid back which I needed to day of.  Sad to say I haven't looked as flawless since :)  

    Total sweet heart.  Not pretentious....  You can check her out on FB too...  Cheekie makeup styling.  
  • thanks all!
  • Massa's Hair studio
  • salon zoe! it's in new dorp but they can also come to your house! beautiful work!
  • Alot of people, myself included, go to house of trends. However, I'm not using them for my wedding due to overbooking/crazy horror stories I hear when too many bridal parties are there at once. Who runs late, etc.... They do great work though but its a gamble how they're flowing that day with clients. Personally I've tried salon 72 just recently for my engagement party & loved them. Have a couple events coming up to try them again for hair and makeup before I decide to officially book for the wedding. What I love though, when I was asking questions about trials, booking for wedding, etc. they told me if your whole bridal party uses them for wedding they shut salon for you exclusively. They do a spread of food and have champagne. Sounds so nice. And the best you don't have to worry about being bombarded by other brides and bridal parties hoping the hair dressers and makeup artists on runnin on schedule. Takes a little ease of worrying about BS on the wedding day. I haven't gone anywhere else in recent years other than house of trends for hair and makeup. Now salon 72. & I used to get my haircut at bamboo salon- they do alot of weddings too, but dont know how they are with formal hair/makeup. Good luck.

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  • I just did a trial with Senada and loved it! Have one more trial before I make a decision, but I'm almost positive that I'll book her. You can check her out on facebook

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