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My 8/4 Wedding

Hello there fellow August brides! My wedding was on August 4th at Wedgewood Banquet Center in Ventura, CA. The wedding was wonderful and everyone just seemed so extremely happy and festive that day. There were a few issues but nothing that totally put a damper on the event.

My MIL and SIL came to the venue without a stitch of make up and MIL didn't have her hair done yet. My MIL getting ready caused the ceremony to start 30 minutes late. The rest of the bridal party was ready to go on time and we just stood around waiting. It wasn't terrible though, I think it gave time for late comers to trickle in.

The flowers were wrong! The florist used deep pink daisies and roses on the arch and centerpieces. I specified no roses and asked for light, soft romantic colors. My bouquet was perfect though! It's like one person did the bouquet and separate team tackled the arch and centerpieces without communicating. It wasn't the end of the world, just didn't fit with what I envisioned.

We paid for 112 people and 10 did not show up. Three guests didn't stay for the reception. Some guests brought extra people. Overall the only issue was that we paid for a certain amount to attend and now that money is gone and was not enjoyed. It wouldn't be a concern if we were in a different position financially. I'm starting my career and husband is a college student with the GI Bill covering his living expenses.

There was a little bit of family drama during the reception but not a single one of us in the bridal party (parents and siblings included) even knew about it until the next day when a family friend filled us in!

Everything else was absolutely perfect. The venue coordinator was patient with us and ran everything smoothly. The banquet captain was very attentive and would not serve food until we were able to sit and enjoy the meal. We even had a plate of appetizers waiting for us in the bridal room to munch on before taking pictures. The photographer was amazing, he and his assistant were all over the place capturing so many moments. The DJ was fabulous, he played all the right music and took requests. He even approached us and asked if it would be okay to play certain music. The cake was divine! So delicious! It was a wonderful day with so many people we love and care about sharing that special day with us.

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