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Vent (ended up being a little long)

Yesterday was the first day I ever had part of me wish that i had either chosen to elope or do a destination wedding.  I have always been the big wedding kind of girl, who visioned all of my family and friends being there to celebrate.  I also have a family that can be very difficult at times. 

My mother's family is the type of family where there is always someone not speaking to someone else and there is lots of drama.  Unfortunately, my aunt is now doing this to me.  My mother and I have had a strained relationship for years.  (long story there, which i wont bother getting into)  The short story is that back in may my mother and i got into a fight and she dragged my aunt in.  Now my mother and i are fine, but when i tried to mend fences with my aunt, it blew up in my face.  She said she doesn't want to be invited to the wedding and reminded me that my other aunts and uncles(my mom is one of six) have never been there for me.  I just feel like these are people that aren't really involved in my life, and i almost wish that I had chosen a smaller wedding to just have the more important people there.  It doesn't help that my parents are divorced and even though they have been divorced for 24 years can't stand to be in the same room.

Has anyone else had second thoughts about the size of their wedding?  Anyone else feeling like there is too much drama with planning a wedding?

Thanks for listening.  It helps just to vent :)
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