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Issue w/ Deleting Favorites

Someone posted about this over a year ago in the chitchat forum with no reply, so since I'm having the same problem I thought I'd mention it here: When I try to delete something from my favorites, the list refreshes as normal but the would-be deleted item is still there, only it's moved up in the queue as if something before it was deleted instead.  I have over 100 favorites at the moment so I can't be exactly sure what's just been deleted each time I try this, which means I can't confirm that anything is actually missing other than the fact that the number of favorites I apparently have does go down each time I do this.

My questions, then, are what's causing this problem, and what can I do to fix it?

Re: Issue w/ Deleting Favorites

  • Hi there! I just tried mine on google chrome andwas able to delete favorites by hitting the "X" in the top right corner. Then, my list would reshuffle with the correct one deleted.

    May I ask what browser you are using?
  • Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Thanks for replying! I'm using chrome too, so maybe the browser isn't the problem?
  • I just solved my own problem! It turns out the X button for each item is at the BOTTOM, not the top. So I was clicking to delete the item one row above what I thought I was deleting. Not very clearly designed. Either way, I'm not deleting things I like anymore!
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