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My friend is getting married next June and I am helping her with her wedding plans. One thing I am having trouble with is finding a venue for the reception. She has booked the ceremony in Chanhassen so I was hoping to find something nearby that would be very budget friendly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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  • How many people is she expecting? Does she have a theme or certain style?
  • She said about 150. Shes doing black and white going for a classy feel. And unfortunately I don't have a for sure price point I'm looking for, so I'm looking fir anything I can pass along to her
  • Check out American Legions, VFWs and community centers. They often have nice spaces for a reasonable price. Definitely let her know about the one above! Good luck
  • The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre has an all-inclusive package designed for 150 guests that is very reasonable. If you compare the price of their package to using the American Legion and getting your own vendors, it's pretty similar and some of the vendors are definitely better than what I would have gotten on my own.
  • That's another one I was going to suggest!  Good deal!
  • Also suggest that she check out the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Their prices are fairly reasonable and it's a beautiful place.
  • Thanks everyone. Been too busy with work and school to check the responses. I will pass them along to her
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