Can't remember exactly where you live, but when we lived down in Arlington, we took our pets to They were absolutely wonderful--took care of DH's old dog in his elderly days, and took amazing care of our kitty when she was deathly ill as a baby. They even cut us breaks on prices--we were going through so many x-rays with the kitty, and then had to do surgery, that they ended up knocking several hundred dollars off our bill. I highly recommend them if your current vet isn't working out for you (and assuming it's convenient for you to get to).

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    Thanks so much for the rec! We live in Fairfax city, so that wouldn't be too far away for us. We are currently driving up to Herndon, which is just about as far!  Our current vet was a recommendation from our trainer, so I am surprised how disappointed we were after our last appointment. We are definitely looking to find a new one; I'm going to send this info to DH now.  Finding good doctors in the area - both for me and the pup - has been such a PITA!

    Thanks again, I'm sure my dog will appreciate it :)
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