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Ceremony Location - Help!

We plan to have our wedding on 10/4/14 and so far we have booked the Main Library in Downtown Jacksonville for the reception site. I'd prefer to have the ceremony at a church in the downtown, Riverside or Avondale area. We found Old St. Andrew's church in downtown and it is gorgeous. I love the historic and vintage look; but it's right across from the memorial arena and I am afraid that since it's an evening wedding, there will be a lot of concert goers who could disturb the ceremony. The ceremony will be around 5:30pm so it shouldn't be too bad; but I would like to keep my options open.

Anyone have a ceremony location that fits my theme? I am looking at budgeting no more than $800 for the ceremony!

Thank you

Re: Ceremony Location - Help!

  • Hello and congratulations. Yeah I had the same issue when I was looking at that particular place for a venue. The main reason why we decided to not go with that venue is that more and likely a sharks game might go on around that time or if there are any concerts going on in that area. Do you think maybe having the ceremony at your church would be a great place? I don't know of too many places in the downtown area under $800 for a ceremony. Good luck.
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