Pre-wedding Parties

My shower was on Sunday and it was so overwhelming!

It was amazing and I was astounded at the amount of work my girls put in.  My future MIL invited a TON of her people who I had never met before so that was a bit much.  They did a movie theme because my fiance and I are big movie buffs, so they did it like a movie premiere.  The theme to our wedding is An Affair to November (we are getting married then as it is my future last name!), so that was all over the place.  They had a popcorn and candy bar, it was too cute.  SO much food and cakes.  There were cupcakes topped with yellow dyed marshmellows to look like popcorn, ADORABLE!

The only bad part was my cousin in law who kept giving me dirty looks the whole afternoon because she is mad that her 2 year old isn't invited to the formal Saturday night wedding.  Other than that, I couldn't have asked for a nicer shower :)
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