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Does anyone have any suggestions for a MOB gift? My mother has completely planned my entire wedding and has made my experience so easy. She likes gifts that she can actually use. Not like a handkerchief with a special quote on it. And she is not really a big jewelry fan. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: MOB Gift

  • Heartfelt Thank you note is all this MOB, MOG has ever wanted.
  • Spa Day or a mini adventure, like Hot Air Balloon ride.


    Best wishes.

  • Photo album of pics of you growing up and at your wedding might be nice.
  • I wrote my mom and nice note in a book called "Why A Daughter needs a Mother." It was one of those cutesy inspiration books full of stories and poems about mother/daughter relationships. She loved it. and after the wedding, I made her a photo album of the wedding pictures.

  • What about a mother/daughter day you plan and pay for after the wedding?
  • I got my mom a nice 8x10 picture frame and wrote her a note thanking her for all her help in planning the wedding (and, you know, raising me). The note also said that if she picked out her favorite photo from the wedding, we would buy her copy from our photographer to put in the frame.
  • I got my parents a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  • We gave our mom's necklaces. He picked out one for his mom and I picked out one for mine. :)
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    If you are planning to rent a limo for transportation before your photos, why not go for a ride with just you, your mom and your photographer? Have some photos taken in a nice park as a memory of the day.

    That's what I'm planning. My mum has never been in a limo, so I think it'll be a nice surpise for her.

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  • I am buying her a pretty little clutch and writing a note for her to read when she is by herself. Good luck.
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