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RI Wedding Venues By Water

I live in Massachusetts but wanted to research the option of having my wedding in RI near water. Does anyone have suggestions? I appreciate it! Thanks

Re: RI Wedding Venues By Water

  • What's your budget?  Are you looking for an all inclusive venue or one that lets you bring in your own vendors (caterer, dj, etc)?  There are many venues near the water in RI, but most of them are very expensive.  It's easier to make suggestions when we have a better idea of what you're looking for.
  • I would like to see a variety of venues - inclusive or bring in your own. I would imagine it would be easier to have it inclusive since I am not too familiar with the area. We are not too concerned with the $ since we will have a limited number of people there. Quality vs Quantity :) 
  • Castle Hill Inn in Newport is where I will be getting married in November and I, personally, think it's pretty stunning.  It's on its own little piece of land jutting out into the water, (about a 10 minute drive from downtown Newport).  While they have a semi-permanent tent attached to a chalet for larger parties, for a smaller party you can rent just the chalet which is very cozy and romantic.  They have their own esteemed kitchen that will do the catering (we're bringing in outside catering because we need it to be Kosher food), but other vendors would need to be brought in from outside (though they have a list of recommended vendors).  Probably not the cheapest option you'll find, but should take a look at pictures of it and see if it's worth it for you :)
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