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HELP! Checklist changed from Christian to Jewsish

I have no idea what happened. I signed out looking at regular checklist and budget sheet. After, finalizing a contract with the dj; I decided to update the budget. This worked fine. I switched to look at the checklist and instead of my normal 90 to do and 89 completed; I see 132 to do and 52 completed. So I scroll down to look to see what changed and everything is switched to a Jewish ceremony. Please help me switch it back to a traditional Christian wedding. Thanks.

Re: HELP! Checklist changed from Christian to Jewsish

  • This just happened to me, too. Please post if you find a solution. Thanks!
  • Me too!!! And Hindu... I dont think my venue will hold elephants!! :) haha
  • ME TOO! i just wrote the Knot to ask wth happened!...and LMAO @ Steph...elephants!
  • Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I thought I'd been hacked!
  • Me too!  What happened???  I'm just over a month out - I'm nervous I'm going to miss something now!
  • It looks like they've changed/"updated" the checklist.  If there's an admin looking at this message - PLEASE have an option to change it back to the older version.  The new version has so many duplicate reminders and many options that aren't needed by everyone.  It's easier to add it in than to have to go back in and reformat everything.
  • Hi Everyone - our team is aware of the sudden switch and working on a solution.
  • edited August 2013
    The checklist should be reverted back to your original checklist, with all up-to-date information included.

    Please let me know if you notice anything else today.
  • I have the new checklist, is there any way to hide what has already been completed? I don't want to scroll through everything every time, I just want to see what I have left to do like it was before.

  • Hey @abbeyjobride - are you able to sort by due date? Currently looking at my own checklist and sorting by due date shows only the items that still need to be completed...
  • I'm still Jewish. How do I change it back?
  • I liked the old set up better. I agree with Abbeyjobride, I really don't want to scroll through all my completed list just to find the ones I haven't. Also, the pop up said that there was an option to change it to short engagement (which I have) however, I don't see where to actually accept that option to try to move forward with updating my checklist with this week's work that is done. 
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