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Gifts for parents- need advice!

Hi all! So, we are on a really tight budget and struggling a bit to find money for the expenses that seem to keep popping up. Our parents have contributed money when they can, which means so much to us. I really want to get them something nice as thank you gifts. Would it be rude to hold off getting them a gift until October/November when we have the funds available? Should we just get them something small instead or possibly let them know a gift will follow?

Definitely would appreciate any advise people can give on this!!!!

Re: Gifts for parents- need advice!

  • I'd get them the small, (and maybe handmade?) gifts for the wedding so they will know you really appreciate their contributions.  If you wait and have an unexpected expense come up you might not have the money for something later.
  • If they are anything like my parents a nice card with a handwritten note of your appreciation would probably be better than anything you can buy in a store. Do that maybe a small token and then get them what you would like when you are more financially able.


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  • You can tell them that you want to give them a thank-you gift once you get your photos back. Then you can give them a wedding-photo gift that fits in your budget. You can write them a heartfelt letter or card and say at the bottom that you have a little something to thank them once you get your photos back.
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  • We have framed wedding pictures of both sets of parents ready to be set out at our entrance table - and I plan to give them those as gifts.  It has their picture and wedding date in a nice frame.  Inexpensive - yet thoughtful...
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