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Mrs. Johnson in the house! (recap)

Hey ladies! I know I'm kind of late but I've been busy getting ready for classes next week and getting the kids ready for school. Also this baby is giving me a run for my money and I've been trying to spend time with the hubby before I become busy all day everyday. Anyway my wedding day was amazing and although it wasn't my original plan...I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thurs July 25, 2013-

So this was the day that we went to get hubby's haircut and run some final errands etc. The husband decided he wanted to up and not feel well this day (which is common in this house), so after his haircut he napped for a while until it was time for him to leave the house. That night me and my sister and sister in law and good friend got together and decorated the house, ate and laughed etc, kind of an impromptu party for me. We didn't get to bed until about 2:30 am from all the preparation for the wedding and wedding night. My aunt from my home state (CA), came down as well and it was so nice to see her. A lot of drama happened this week of course, but what took the cake is that I my mom ended up in the hospital that Tuesday and I found out she wouldn't get released in time for the wedding the night before. I was heartbroken, but I definitely understood. (She ended up being released 30 minutes after my ceremony started).

Fri July 26, 2013 (Wedding Day!)-

I couldn't sleep and woke up at 5:15 am lol. I wasn't tired but really anxious and excited for the big moment. We got up in the morning and me and my sister tag-team got all 4 kids bathed and dressed for the ceremony. My sister did my make-up and helped my into my dress etc. She was such a huge help throughout the whole day. The ceremony itself wasn't very long and more people showed than I expected. It was at the courthouse which is small and we had it packed out. Neither of us cried but it was so heartfelt and I loved every moment. There was another couple following my ceremony and they just stared at the huge group of loud people in the lobby lol. Following the ceremony we dropped our kids off at our designated sitters before heading to our restaurant "reception" at the famous Lambert's Café here in Ozark. We had to wait quite a while since it was such a large party, but once we were in the food was amazing and definitely plentiful (it's one of my fave restaurants). The day went so fast but it felt so nice to finally be officially married to my love.

Following the wedding we enjoy the alone time we had at home until our flight took off Sunday night to Vegas. While in Vegas we had a wonderful time. We were upgraded to a suite upon check-in to our hotel. We did a lot of sightseeing and eating lol. The hubby's aunt came down from CA so I could finally meet her in person and I met one of his dear friends (and his wife) from school days who lives in Vegas. Also one of my cousins who lives in both Vegas and CA came to see us. Amongst all that we mostly had alone time and we rested and enjoyed the quiet. We gambled a little and even won! When it was all said and done we were ready to be back home with our little loves.

I want to say again how much I appreciate all the love and support I received on this board. Ya'll are like sisters, I will be around, probably not as much since the semester is starting Monday but I cant completely stay away;) I haven't gotten pro pic back yet but here are a efw of the pictures so from fb etc...

God Bless!





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