Our Video Game Themed Favors

Our wedding is video game themed so we thought Mario Star Tins filled with star shaped mints and Mario '?' Boxes filled with sour candy would be appropriate. Originally we wanted Moogle Head Cookies from an online business I found last year that did very good work. But they have since stopped taking orders, not really sure why.

At first we were upset and I was freaking out because those cookies were so cute and would have been perfect. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk or lost cookies. 
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Re: Our Video Game Themed Favors

  • Candy sounds nice.  Maybe you can still find cookies if you look at more bakeries.  My friend had some really great cookies from a local lady for her son's birthday party.
  • We probably could. I think what we wanted were just sugar cookies. But it was the shape and icing that made them so awesome. I've looked for other, equally as awesome, cookies and can't find anyone that can make what we're looking for within a reasonable price range.
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  • I don't know what a Moogle is. Is it super rare, or can you find the cookie cutter online and purchase a few?

    If you supply them to the bakery, I'm sure they'd use them.

  • These are the Moogle cookies. If I had any skill in baking and icing I might have been able to do them myself, but I've made a Cup 'O Noodle explode in the microwave... twice... So I dare not do anything food related for the wedding myself. 

    And most bakeries consider them a custom item. Which means way over my budget :P It's cool though. The stars and boxes will work it think. The main thing is for them to be nerdy :)
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  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    Personally, I'd probably pick something different, but that's just because I feel like a video game theme is more appropriate at a kid's bday party.  That said, if you choose to do it, I'd stick with the Mario tin of mints.  At least that's more familiar.  I've never heard of or seen a moogle and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.
  • Is the moogle from Zelda? I'm pretty sure I've seen it before, but I agree with the above poster that it's not as recognizable as Mario.
  • A Moogle is a reoccurring character in a few of the Final Fantasy games. 

    And I thought about it being too kiddish too. But we are both gamers, he's a video game developer, and gaming is ow we met. So we thought doing nice wedding things with small video game touches them it wouldn't be too over barring. 

    Our caketopper is 2 small figures, Tidus and Yuna, from Final Fantasy and our cake will have nerdy symbols on it in the icing.
    Favors - Mario
    Table Numbers have pictures or Pokemon
    Our card Box has Final Fantasy and Zelda decals
    And the stationary (invites, StDs, and RSVPs) have nerdy images and wording.

    I think that's about it. The centerpieces are nice non-video game pieces. Nice escort cards and the guest book is a calendar (people sign on their birthdays). The table linens are white with table runners. White uplighting. 

    The ceremony is modern/traditional looking with shephard hooks and pomanders.

    So since the video game-ness of it all is in the smaller details I don't think it will completely blow up in our faces :) And even if it does, oh well. I'm not that seriously worried about it. It our days and this is how we want it. If our guests want to say anything then they can say it as I personally escort them out the door :)
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  • @Comipa your plan sounds nice.  They are little touches or accents so I think it won't be too over the top.  Mints and candy are great and tins can be fun to reuse so the guests should like those.
  • I like the little touches you are putting in, too.
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I love it when people put nerdy accents into their wedding, cause I'm a nerd myself :). Your favor sounds cute. The cookies also would have been awesome.

    If you ever want to try baking nerdy cookies of your own sometime ( I wouldn't recommend starting this until after your wedding of course) There's a great shop on Etsy that does nerdy cookie cutters. They have a lot of Mario themed ones.  I think it's called warp zone prints. I already have a Dalek and Cyberman cookie cutter from them, and I will be using them to make cookies for the cookie bar for my wedding. 

    And for every party ever that I bring cookies too in the future.

  • Moogle cookies would have been awesome.

    Are you getting the licensed candies?  I totally had to pick some up for stocking/bag stuffers for my gamer friends at Christmas last year!
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  • My fiance and I are also both gamers, and he's a video game designer. I love your ideas! 

    Have you seen these mario mushrooms filled with candy? http://www.fractalspin.com/products/Super-Mario-Brothers-Mushroom-Candy.html Kind of expensive at $3.50 a pop, but adorable!

    For the cookies, if you want to go the homemade route, these pirhana plant cookies look amazing 

  • My FI is also a game designer! you all have great ideas :) 

    I would love to incorporate Final Fantasy into my theme but unfortunately my FI isn't into JRPGs. I love the Tidus and Yuna cake topper idea
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