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My wonderful fiance and I have been engaged for two years now. We got engaged right before I started nursing school, and now that I am graduated and in the process of finding a job, the wedding talk has started gaining some ground. However, we are having an issue with a specific couple (let's call them Sam and Diane for sake of identity...and who doesn't love them some Cheers???)

My fiance has been friends with Sam since high school, so over 1o years now. We all used to hang out together, but things started to change recently and we don't all hang out like we used seems as though ever since Sam and Diane got married they have found "new friends" to hang out with. Diane and I aren't friends anymore (lots of drama mostly brought on by Diane...I have decided to cut ties with her and we do not speak at all)...I do not like the idea of inviting Sam and Diane to our wedding because I do not wish to have Diane at my wedding because of the issues we have had, and I don't want it to ruin my day. However, I am good friends with Sam, as well as my fiancé being friends with him, but like I said they don't really see each other anymore. I know it is extremely poor etiquette to invite only half of a married couple, and I feel bad not inviting Sam but I just do not want Diane there...I also know my fiance would want to have Sam at our wedding. 

Fiance and I haven't really discussed this too far, because I get a roll of the eyes from him and then we just drop the subject. My question is, do I suck it up for him and invite Sam and Diane anyway, or do I stand my ground and not have them invited?

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    If your FI really would like to invite Sam the I would say just suck it up. You will most likely only see Diane for about a minute when you greet everyone and during that minute just be cordial and say hi and thanks for coming. After that you will be so busy dancing and talking and laughing with everyone else you will probably forget all about her.

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    If you really want to invite Sam then you also have to invite Diane.  But as long as you are civil, and just say hello and thank them for coming, you do not need to speak to her further.
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    What everyone else said.
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    You need to invite either both or neither.

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    They're a package deal. Invite both or neither. You won't have to see Diane for more than a brief greeting.
    Don't worry guys, I have the Wedding Police AND the Whambulance on speed dial!
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