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"email address does not match"

Hi there, I'm trying to change my email address to a different one than I originally signed up with...keeping all wedding-related emails in one new email inbox. 

Everytime I try to change my email address on my profile page, I receive an error message stating that my email address does not match. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be matching, because there's only one field to fill out.

I didnt want to have to create a whole new account, but I guess if I have to I will.

Re: "email address does not match"

  • Hi there! Sending you a message.
  • Please share how to change an email address!  Unbelievable that the system does not allow this.
  • @22mbuter please PM me with you details. Thanks!
  • Did anyone find the answer yet?? : (
  • @lnmuelle please PM me with your information and I will change it for you.
  • Just a complaint to The Knot Tech people: I haven't been able to change my email address or even create my on account with my email address because my fiace (now spouse) correctly put in my email address linked to his account (with his email address).  It has been an annoyance since we started planning the wedding, because I always had to log in as him, and now it is an annoyance because everything was also transferred to his new The Nest account.  Happily, we're already married, and I can just tell him to unsubscribe to everything.  I don't need all the junk email anyway - inevitably, something catches my eye and I click on it.  Your ridiculous policy of making it impossible to change an email address (without calling customer service) has lost you a subscriber.
  • Hi @schmitt, we're working on a system that will allow users to update emails, account names as well as delete their account without having to contact Customer Service to help. Until that is launched, we'll have to continue handling everything manually.

    I am sending your information to Customer Service and our Email team directly. They will help you with making the change and removing your subscriptions.
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