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I used them for my wedding years ago and reccommended them to a friend for her upcoming wedding.  She has been trying to contact them for the last few weeks (email and phone) but hasn't heard back....are they still in business?
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Re: Imagen International

  • As far as I know they're still in business.  I used them for my wedding 11 months ago.  They are, however, impossible to get ahold of so I wouldn't recommend them to a needy bride.  They definitely need a new office manager or something, cause communication falls to the wayside.  Can't beat the photos for the $$ though.

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  • Is there any way you could let me know their packages or the one you used? The one on their site is blurry and no one ever bothered to email me back.
  • Same problem here, FI and I tried saving the pic then zooming in, no luck
  • That's weird that it's so blurry.  I can't tell exactly what it says now, but when I used them just over 2 years ago, it was $1077 for unlimited coverage at 3 different photo sessions (we chose engagement, rehearsal/dinner, wedding day) and all the rights to your images on a High Res CD.  

    Looking at their website now, it looks like it says $1107 for the same package I had.  I only had 1 little issue with getting ahold of them during my planning phase, but it wasn't a huge deal.  We got great photos and tons of options to choose from.  I have a full review and pics from my wedding day in my bio. 
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