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Girls -
Where did you buy your FG dresses? I think we've found the dress, at David's.  BUT...  I want to check around a bit more, and I'm running out of time as my wedding is in 4 months.  Did anyone order online?  Or find a great selection at a store here in the Pgh area?


Re: Flower Girl Dresses

  • I ordered online since I had a hard time trying to find one in a department store. I found at
  • Macy's! We bought Holiday dresses that were super cute for $30 and I know they might even have some "First Communion" dresses that would work for flowers girls. And they have coupons all the time. 
  • They have girls formal dresses on sale regularly.
  • I bought mine online too!  They have a huge selection and prices are 1/3 of the ones in the store!  We just got them the other day and they are adorable!  
  • I got mine (2 different dresses) from eBay .... capesforallocciasons - VERY big selection, EXCELLENT prices, reliable shipping ..... worth the look
  •  I guess I should have been more specific .... FANTASTIC quality at $ 25 - 35 :-)
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