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Hey Everyone. I am new to this board and super excited to have found it! My fiancé proposed to me on August 10th and we just booked our venue/ceremony for 7-12-2014! Just wanted to see how many other brides out there I will be sharing this wonderful day with!? By the way- I'm from Wisconsin--anyone else? 

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  • I'm getting married July 12, 2014, in California!! Congratulations and good luck! Lots to do! ;)
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    I'm getting married July 12th 2014 as well, in Maine!  Congrats to both of you!!
  • July 12th also in Maine! (Bar Harbor)
  • I'm getting married on July 12th in Eddington, Maine!! Congrats!!! :)
  • Congratulations!! And Good Luck with Everything.

    I'm renewing my vows in Illinois on this date it will be 10 years!!
  • My fiancé also proposed on Aug 10th and we are also getting married on July 12, 2014!  How very cool!  We are getting married in Maine - York, and it can't get here soon enough! LOL!  I've already got the ceremony and reception sites booked, DJ and musicians, photographers and videographer, and will be meeting with our officiant this Saturday.  Having engagement photos taken on Sunday, I'm so excited! 

    I have an appointment to go dress shopping on the 28th, going to have all of my bridesmaids and my stepmom and mother inlaw to be at the appointment. 


    Anyone found their dress yet?

  • Wow you've gotten a lot done!! I've gotten the venue,DJ,a lot of the decorations, officiant, flower girls dresses and bouquets. I got my dress a couple months ago and since this will be my 2nd marriage  I didn't want to go to a bridal salon (I didn't have a good experience the 1st time).  I got mine off eBay it was used for a photo shoot and it fits me perfectly $600 dress for $60 . All I can say is my fiance was thrilled about the price. lol ;)

    Tell us if you find "the dress" Good Luck :)
  • I'm 7/12/2014 as well. I've been engaged since 12/12/12 and sounds like I'm more behind on planning than most of you! Congrats to you all!
  • Another July 12, 2014 gal here; getting married in Michigan.  So far, I have the site, the pig is ordered (fiancée wants a pig roast), the cake decorator (me!) has been notified, and I've started the guest list.  Otherwise, I'm not too concerned about any of it.  Honestly, it's a 2nd wedding for both of us, so we are just planning a laid-back day with family and a very few select friends.  My biggest problem is selecting the wedding party, and choosing a theme and/or colors.

    Anyone else having trouble, too?

    Good luck, ladies!


  • We are also doing a pig roast, but I'm having a hard time too with selecting the wedding party(this is my 2nd wedding). My fiance has picked his, but I've only choose one and still have to pick another. Theme was very easy for us since we are having it in the country, we went rustic vintage theme. Good luck and fun :)
  • Getting married July 12, 2014 on Long Island!  We're having a long engagement; we got engaged on April 30th, 2012 (my birthday!). I have the reception booked, all of my bridesmaids except 2 have put deposits on their dresses, and just yesterday I booked my florist.  This month I'm planning to get the ceremony site done, and in October I'm planning on getting my dress, taking photos for our Save the Dates.  Congratulations to everyone here!
  • Congrats to everyone.

    7/12/2014 in RI.  Just booked the venue and that's it. 
    I can't decide on colors so we haven't picked dresses or anything else.

  • Lots of July 12 Maine brides! Add me to the list- in Phippsburg Maine!
  • I'm also getting married on July 12th 2014 in Morgantown WV! We have been engaged since 07/12/2010 so we are definately ready to tie the knot! :)
  • July 12, 2014 in Maine as well! Wells, ME to be exact :) So excited! Sounds like a lot of you girls have a lot done... We have the venue, DJ, photographer, and my dress... and that's about it! Save The Dates are being addressed as we speak and I hope to send those out this week! (I know it's early but many of our guests will have to travel). 
  • I'm getting married 7/12/14 as well in PA!! :) Two other girls from my town are also getting married that day, too! :)
  • I'm getting married on 7/12/14 in Atlanta, GA! We have been engaged since 2/15/13 and are super excited to be a few months away from the big day now! We have our ceremony site, reception venue, and photographer confirmed. We have a lot to do but I plan to enjoy every minute of it. Congrats to all of you ladies! So glad to hear of others sharing this day with us :)
  • Indiana!!!! Engaged on Christmas Eve 2012!
  • 7/12/14 also! Getting married in NJ, good luck ladies!
  • I am another July 12, 2014 Bride and so excited!!!!!!! I am happy for all of us.
  • 6 months girls!
  • July 12! Getting married on LakeMichigan! We have been engaged since Feb 16. 6 months until the big day!!!!
  • Hello all! We got engaged on July 12, 2013 and are getting married on July 12 2014! We are getting married in Arizona. So far I have the dress, church, venue and have ordered invitations. I am still trying to decide if I want to add anything to my invitations though. Next up, figuring out hair and makeup!
  • We got engaged on August 8th and we are getting married on July 12, 2014 in Ohio. We have everything booked and planned. We are in the waiting stage. So excited!!!
  • Engaged 7/12/13 and getting married 7/12/14 in Ohio! Can't believe it's almost here!
  • It has been a long time since I posted on here! Hope everyone's planing is going smoothly! Can't believe how fast our day is coming. Now it is getting all the last minute stuff done. So ready for the day to be here! Any other July 12th brides planning to try for a baby right away!? We can't wait to start a family! :)
  • 30 DAYS!!!
  • 7.12.14 Seattle Washington.. Only 4 days to go !!!
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