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I have 2 bridesmaids that were good friends. So I thought. But out of nowhere, they both just up & quit talking to me. I've tried getting ahold of them a few times, but no response. So should I keep trying, or accept the fact that they're not wanting to be there after all? I'm torn.

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  • How long since you asked them? How long until your wedding?

    The thing to remember is that no one will be as excited about your wedding as you are. If you've been talking a lot of wedding around them, remember that it's a day in their worlds, the center of your universe in yours. Maybe you could take them for coffee and talk only about their lives? There might be something going on that you're not aware of right now.
  • I try calling, texting & messaging on Facebook, asking if everything is ok. One of them even wanted to set up a time to go dress hunting for her dress, but then kept canceling on me. Our wedding is next year & I've been trying to just go hang out, but can't get either one to respond. I talk about their dog, her boyfriend, & stuff she posts, but nothing seems to help.
  • If your wedding isn't until next year, it's way too early to go looking for dresses (unless it's in February or something). Give it a little time, keep trying to get together. If she doesn't get the dress, then she takes herself out of the wedding, but really I wouldn't look for BM dresses until 6 months or so before. You could probably even get away with as soon as 4 months before.
  • Don't stress, one of my maids did this too, when the wedding was about a year out.  I was worried I somehow offended her, and generally beating myself up as to what I had done wrong since I felt like she was dodging me.  It turned out that work had been horrible and she and her then fiance had been trying to make her relationship work and didn't want anyone to know that it wasn't.  I guess my point is, you really never know what people have going on.  She'll come around.
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