K and I are trying to figure out if we want a videographer. I know that if we do have one I don't want one who does "interviews" but rather captures the important moments, speeches, vows, first/parent dances etc. my question for everyone is: Did you have one? If so would you again? If you didn't do you regret it? Thanks!
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  • Epic Filmmakers is the ONLY way to go.  We loved what they did, simple and yet so us and so amazing. 
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  • I used Reminisce Video. I did not want to spend a lot of money but I knew I wanted a video to remember the day with. There is soooo much you miss and dont get to see!!!!!!!!  I love every minute of it and wouldnt change my mind about it. Now I wouldnt pay like $3000 for one but the $1495 I paid for it was well worth it....

    Give Steve a call. Tell him I sent ya :). I dont get anything out if it except showing him I loved his work

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  • We did have one and I'm so glad. There are things I had forgotten about just two weeks after the wedding. We went with RI Video Pros, which had a basic package just of the wedding video without any serious editing. 
  • We are having one based off feedback from a few friends of ours that said its their only regret. I totally agree on not having them do "interviews" but just the key moments are what really made us decide to get one. We're using Chris Walsh out of RI and he's been great to work with so far-very responsive. 
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  • I definitely recommend getting a videographer. It's nice having the video and being able to re-live the day in a way that you just can't do with photos alone.
  • We went back and forth on this for a year and a half before our wedding, and finally decided about two months before that we def. wanted a videographer. Best decision we made. I think I would've regret not having one because there were so many things that I felt like I missed, just because the night flew by. We used RI Video Pro as well and chose the middle package, so we received three edited videos. Dave really exceeded my expectations.
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