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"the back home" party.

my fiance & I are in the VERY beginning stages of planning our destination wedding. as in, we don't even have a date or location set - but we're thinking january 2015 in the dominican republic. 

we definitely want to have a "back home" celebration for those who are unable to attend the actual wedding. [may be cheesy, but ..] I re-watched Nick Lachey & Vanessa Milano's wedding special on TLC and they had a their "back home" party BEFORE the actual wedding. and called it a wedding shower. I understand this goes against all etiquette, but I would love to have the party in the fall [before our wedding]. Is this an all-around bad idea? or is there a way to word invites that make this wedding etiquette approved? we would, of course, note "no gifts". 

Re: "the back home" party.

  • We had a "Wedding Celebration" before our wedding in Jamaica.  I don't usually follow what's supposedly the "proper" thing to do anyway, so if you are all about etiquette you may not want to listen to me, lol! But, I say go for it if that's what you want :-)
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  • While it doesn't follow etiquette - I think that as long as you are straight forward with your guests about what the party is you should be fine. 
    We are having our at home reception (hopefully in the next month or so) as more of a wedding celebration - and we waited so that we would be able to show pictures of the ceremony / activities to everyone that wasn't able to make it.
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