Looking For A Hall Or Banquet In The New Britain,Ct Area

Hello ladies, my hubby and I are planning a 10th year renewing vow wedding. This time around we did not want any of our friends and family provide the cooking as they did the first time. So my question is do any of you ladies know of a place that is in the New Britain Area that provides everything from food to liens. Our 10th year wedding anniversary it's not until 2 years from now but I am one who loves to plan ahead and have everything done early. Thank you :)

Re: Looking For A Hall Or Banquet In The New Britain,Ct Area

  • i am from nb and i can help you out. how much is your budget for your 10 year renewal does it have to be in nb or can you do outside of nb but very close by 

    do you want a hall or a banquet place?

    here are some suggestions the greek hall at the greek orthodox chuch  she is the cater and in charge of the cooking they do full catering with linens and stuff like that also in new britain the joseph bianca ballroom i think this one you have to bring an outside cater but they have a list of places they recommend crystal ballroom on farmington ave in new britain full service banquet facility food tables linens chairs etc

    angelicos in new britain has a private room where you can host your events. we did my grandparents 50th wedding anniversery there  everything is included they have different packages from sit down to buffet  food is amazing 2 

    if you want to look outside of new britain i would recommend testas in southington thats where my reception is going to be 

    they offer a package with flowers for the table, dj and cake, they have diffrent pacakges to choose from sit down or buffet  and are very resonable in price http://www.testas,net  

    portofinos kensington ct- but the 2 rooms they have are small food is amazing but no room for dancing 

    hope this helps 
  • Hi Hyechica81 thanks for the info. We really don't have a budget yet. I looked into the Greek Hall and it's kinda expensive. Bianca Ballroom we did our daughter's sweet 16 a couple years ago and we went something smaller. As our family are proud Puerto Ricans and wanna eat Spanish food so the Crystal Ballroom is out of the questions. Going to have to look into renting a hall and look into a catering that cooks Spanish food. Again thank you
  • Your welcome check out the Berlin vfw on Masiro drive just past where Arby's used to be they have a nice big hall round tables and chairs plus a average size kitchen. My brother had his stag there and the place was resonable to rent Most full service places will work with you on ethnic foods. You could also check out the quartet club in nb but the rental person is very picky about what he rents the hall for. My church does hall rentals as well
  • Hyechica81, thanks I'm going to look into those places you mention. Where your brother had his stag do they provide food and everything else? Where is your church at so I can look into that as well?
  • where my brother had his stag it was just the hall the chairs and the tables and use of the kitchen. my dad me and my mom did all the food. they dont provide much you would have to bring someone from the outside

    my church is armenian church of holy resurrection in new britain on stanley street very close to stanley quarter park. we have a huge hall with tables and chairs and a good size kitchen but again you would have to bring outside food.

    Criollisimo on arch street in new britain does catering- they specialize in spanish  food and its very good i am sure you have heard of them.

    here are some generic caters  call them and see if they have experience or knowldge in spanish foods
    Fortuna Gourmet Caterers google them they have a number but no website located in nb

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