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Has anyone ever used Latitude 41 in Mystic or Stonington Meadows? Were you happy with it? Any other suggestions in that area? Thanks in advance.


Re: Mystic/Stonington area

  • Concerning Stonington Meadows; from what i've seen and heard (i've only been to one wedding and it was a cocktail reception), it's a little like a wedding/special events factory, its right off a main road and not really private/secluded, just right off the road. the restaurant however has great food, and a great view of the seaport (since it's in it) i would suggest latitudes if you wanted that old mystic feel, it is expensive though. but I've heard good things about the restaurant.
  • We are getting married at Latitude 41 in May 2014.  We really loved the nautical feel and can't wait to get our pictures taken by the boats. My fiance also travels for work so we appreciated not having to worry about finding a venue and then finding a caterer.  I haven't eaten there or been to an event catered by Coastal Gourmet, but have heard amazing things about the food.  The event coordinator we have been dealing with has been great- responds quickly to calls and e-mails.  Depending on when you are getting married, there may be another wedding happening at the same time at the Boat Shed, but I was told you won't really see the other wedding guests since the Boat Shed is at the other end of the Seaport. In terms of price, I thought it was comparable if not cheaper than the other places I looked into.  

  • Thanks ladies. That's actually very helpful. I'm completely against a wedding factory type feel so I'll most likely be ruling that out. I think I'll try to go to Latitude for dinner and check it out.
  • I went to a wedding at Stonington Meadows and completely disagree with kaceandpoint.  Yes, the venue is on a main road, but so is the Seaport.. so are most venues!  The ballroom was set in the back of the building and it was beautiful.  The lawn where the ceremony took place was stunning with the salt marsh behind (and by the way, NO salt marsh smell or bugs, just lovely hills).  The stone patio is very pretty too.  There's only one ballroom and one patio so it's impossible for more than one wedding to occur at a time, so definitely not a factory by any means.  Latitude and Stonington Meadows are owned by the same company and the food is excellent so you really can't go wrong either way, I just wouldn't rule out a venue without taking a look yourself.
  • Stonington Meadows is gorgeous. I don't feel like it is a wedding factory what-so-ever. It was a potential venue for us. It is right off of a main road, and from the outside it doesn't look like the most gorgeous venue in the world, but on the inside it is simply beautiful. The grounds in the back are very pretty as well.

    To be honest, I would go with Stonington Meadows over a Mystic Seaport wedding, as the seaport banquet areas are so outdated, and not in a charming vintage way, but in a, "they should put money into renovating" kind of way. Not to suggest that a wedding at the seaport can't be beautiful, it just isn't for someone who wants a somewhat updated/modern/sleek reception.
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