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October Whispering Pines Wedding

Hi there Brides-to be and Bride-have beens!!

I am having an October wedding at URI Whispering Pines. It is a very rustic, woodsy outdoors wedding venue on a lake in the middle of the woods.

I am looking for ideas for a few things:

Bonfire: The venue puts on a bonfire at the end of the reception. We want some fun ideas on ways to entertain, things to provide for guests for the fire, etc. We are planning on putting hotel packages in the on-site lodges with a fleece blanket, bug spray, water, and stuff for guests to bring down by the fire. Any suggestions on entertainment or additional things to provide for the bonfire. 

The reception venue is VERY rustic with pine and wood all over the place. We want to SOFTEN the venue up a little bit with decor and centerpieces. What are some nice complimentary centerpiece ideas that stick to the rustic theme but will soften the wood and pine up of the room?

Thanks SOOO much for all your help!

Re: October Whispering Pines Wedding

  • my cousin's wedding was at whispering pines. it is very rustic and very off the beaten path - which you already know. their wedding was in May and featured a lot of bright colors - reds, oranges, yellows to brighten it up. their florist also did mine -  The Secret Garden in Jamestown. not sure if you have a florist already, but knowing the space - the owner, David - could give you some good ideas. I also suggest signs while driving into the lodge. it is VERY far off the main road for guests to find. good luck!
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