Happy Holidays!!/Holiday Plans?

Hi all,

I figure it will probably be quiet around here until the New Year so I thought I'd wish everyone a happy holiday season!

So do you have a lot of travel or are you staying put? Are you with FI or doing separate holidays this year?

We're doing Christmas with my family and then flying out to LA for New Year's with his.  I am hoping next year we will stay put and have people come to us.

Re: Happy Holidays!!/Holiday Plans?

  • Happy holidays everyone!

    We're leaving tomorrow and coming back Jan 2.  Luckily both my and FI's families live in Dayon, OH so we get to spend Christmas with both of them. Of course, this means driving back and forth between our parents' houses for a whole week, but I think that's probably better than having to fly all over the place.
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  • Happy Holidays!!!!

    This Christmas will be my last Christmas at home. So crazy!! FI and I usually split our time between my parents and his parents whish are only 40 minutes apart so it's not too bad!

    MD: FI and I agree that next year when we have our home we are not leaving for any holiday, everyone has to come to us! We're always the traveling ones!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!!

    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • Hi everyone,

    Me, my fiance, and our daughter are all traveling tonight to Pittsburgh, to be with my family. We are driving since we have a ton of gifts but the drive is only 5 hours so it's not bad. This year we did Thanksgiving here in DE with his family so we are doing X-mas with my fam in pgh. I'm sooo excited! :)

    Happy Holidays Ladies!!!
  • We went to Savannah, GA!  I'm hoping to find some inspiration for our wedding here; we came here two years ago when we first started dating and fell in love here, so it's a nice trip!  Our families are in Pgh/PA and I miss them a lot, but it's really nice to start our own little traditions together today!
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