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We did it!

Back from our honeymoon, and I just wanted to say Thank You to the Knotties who fielded my sane and not-so-sane questions. There were so many great moments, I wish I could re-do that weekend every year.

For what it's worth, for the brides still planning:

The best advice I got: Spend time with your new husband right after the ceremony (Jewish tradition, and it's great), and make sure to be together during the reception. The night really does fly by. Try to eat, but don't stress if you don't, it's all adrenaline. Your dress will get dirty, the busstle will rip and it just doesn't matter. Delegate duties to BMs as much as possible - people want to be useful and it really is a huge help.

My advice after my own wedding: Get up in the chair if you do the hora - terrifying but awesome and the men will hold you up! Make sure all family knows timing and location of photos. Get comfortable w/ a rain plan well in advance, so there is no terror if it rains. Your flowers look great, even if they're not quite how you pictured them. If you can, surprise groom w/ a groom's cake. Don't stress about small details. Plan a honeymoon you can afford (the more adventurous, the better, it's great to start your marriage doing something that takes team work). Give a nice speech at the RD.

And finally: Remember that the weekend/night is a party to celebrate a really beautiful thing - the love between you and FI. If it rains, if your sister gives a terrible toast, if your hair isn't perfect - those are so, so minor compared to what's happening around you. Soak in the love and let people know how much you apprecaite them all coming together to celebrate.

Good luck to the Brides!! xoxoox BB

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