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Mom's dress color

The girls will be wearing dark navy blue dresses. I found a great royal blue dress. Is this okay for me to wear with the girls navy color? The bride was polite and said that it was fine but I want more opinions please.

Re: Mom's dress color

  • I think that would be enough contrast. How different are the dress styles?
  • I don't think that would look weird, especially if the dresses are cut differently.
  • Not weird, at all. The moms can choose any color, except white, without regard to what the bridal party is wearing. 
  • If you found a great dress you should wear it. The concept that the MOB or the MOG needs to match or coordinate with the bridal party no longer holds.  You will be in very few pictures with either the bridal party, or the MOB.  
  • The only color that would be inappropriate would be any shade of all-white (ivory/champagne/cream). Good for the bride for having the correct response.
  • That was very nice of you to consult with the bride. Back when I (and perhaps you) was married, MOB and MOG dresses were traditionally a big deal with many brides. Fortunately those days are over. The only rules now are that you dress comfortably for you and appropriately for the reception venue.
  • My mom wore a pretty royal blue dress while the BM's were in navy, and she looked lovely. I'm sure you will too :)

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  • Absolutely.

    If you love what you're wearing it'll show in the pictures so I say buy it and rock it!  You don't have to worry about coordinating/clashing with the BP.
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  • My daughter's bridesmaids are also wearing navy blue and the bridal consultant actually suggested royal blue as a good color for me to wear. I chose to get a different dress, based on style, not color, but royal blue would have looked lovely and been appropriate.
  • My BMs are wearing Royal Blue and my mom is wearing midnight blue and my FMIL is wearing Navy! They look great together!

  • If your mom feels beautiful in a black dress, then she should wear it.
  • Black is a popular color, these days, especially for evening weddings. No one will mistake your mom's festive black cocktail dress for mourning attire. Tell your mom she looks beautiful in the dress and tell everyone else to mind their business. 
    Is it ok for my mother to wear a black dress? She looks great in it but  everybody is telling her to not wear black to her daughters wedding and its upsetting her. :(

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  • OP - I think that will be a lovely combination. My girls wore sage green, DH's stepmom wore a grass green, my mom wore wedgewood blue and DH's mom wore a royal blue. Everyone looked lovely and there was plenty of contrast between the colors that were in the same family.

    @Robloveshallie - it is absolutely fine for your mom to wear black, if that is what she wants to wear. I have seen lots of guests (and MOB's) wear black to weddings, and have never thought twice about it.
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