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My BFF was trying to book Molly's Trolleys for her wedding, and she got this email back:

Thank you for informing me of your contact information however, the reason I couldn't accommodate your wedding transportation is that our company is leaving Pittsburgh as of the end of this year.

Whoa! Did anyone know this? That stinks!
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Re: Molly's Trolleys

  • phillychica85phillychica85 member
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    J-My in-laws told us about this last week. My H and I were both really sad since we had one for the bridal party transportation around the city and had a fantastic experience with them. They were great and the driver was a gem (a lady ;) Apparently they had operations in Pittsburgh and somewhere in Florida, but it's a family business I believe and they're closing down shop in Pittsburgh and working solely in Florida. Real bummer :(
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  • gmc22gmc22 member
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    Wow! Crazy!! Just an FYI - I tried to contact them to get a trolley for my wedding and they said they were already booked... so I recently contacted Lenzner and rented a trolley from them - pricing was lower than I expected - $700 for 4 hrs (26 passenger old fashioned trolley)

    Here is their info:

    Pennsylvania – Greater Pittsburgh

    Lenzner Coach Lines

    (800) 342-2349



    Not sure which I called - I think the 800 number

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    This may be a dumb question...but does the trolley have AC?
  • gmc22gmc22 member
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    I'm not entirely sure - some do, some don't. Here is the info from the Lenzner website:

    "Old-Fashioned" Trolley
    Nostalgic look
    Wheelchair accessibility*
    AM/FM audio system
    Audiotape cassette system
    PA / microphone system
    Available: Pittsburgh, Northern New Jersey, New York City, New York Hudson Valley, Long Island, Southwestern Connecticut, Chicago, and Quebec, Canada.

    It doesn't mention AC on any of the blurbs about their transportation though so I'm not really sure! Sorry!
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