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Dear Guests,

Please send back your RSVPs MEOW! You have 18 days left. Since most of you have already told us you cant wait for the wedding and that you'll be there, why not just send in the card?


The Bride


Dear FI,

We're almost there! Exactly 1.5 months away.

I love you!


Dear Wedding,

Hurry up and get here! I am sick of planning you.


Getting eager.



  • Dear vows - 

    I know we were given many, many variations of you. We need to review and possibly blend some, cause I know you otherwise, you will not write yourself. 

    I promise - I'll get to it before October 12th. And then we'll both feel better.

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    Dear USPS, 

    I'm not your biggest fan. I wish I could get a refund or something because you lost/damaged/destroyed so many of our invites.

    -Unhappy Bride


    Dear MOH,

    I am fully aware that you may only be wearing the nice shoes for all of 20 minutes that will be our ceremony. But as I have said, multiple times, that you can wear whatever shoes you want (including a pair you already own), I don't think it's too much to ask that no, you don't wear the sneakers I'm giving to you for the ceremony and pictures. The reception may be a party, but the ceremony is not. The ceremony is formal. Wear nice shoes. I don't care if they're heels or flats. Just not the sneakers.

    Your Little Sister

    PS I should take this opportunity to remind you that the ONLY things you are paying for is your dress (and shoes, if you choose to purchase new ones) and your travel. I'm thrilled you agreed to be my MOH, but... really. why are you putting up such a big stink about wearing a pair of shoes that I know you'd end up wearing again??? 
  • Dear FI - I hope you like your birthday present. You are so hard to shop for - but I love you!


    Dear Aunt A - I'm not looking forward to our phone call we have to have. I'm not inviting L due to the fact I haven't spoken to her in two years and I already feel the guest list is too big.


    Dear BM - I am so grateful for you guys and everything you are doing!!!! I can't put my non-wedding life on hold though in order for you to keep my shower/bachelorette weekend a surprise - especially because I think I know when it is.
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  • Dear FI,
    Thank you for getting the groomsmen crap together this last weekend (or at least mostly together). And thank you for acknowledging that wedding planning sucks and is stressful, and for finally being appreciate of everything I'm going through to plan this day for US.
    Love, Your stressed wife-to-be

    Dear Sister,
    Please quit being so stubborn. I want you at my wedding, and I'm hurt that you aren't going to come over something so silly. I would love to have you there, and I really hope you change your mind and decide to come.
    Love, Your big sis

    Dear Nana,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering to pay for our wedding night hotel room. We are delaying our honeymoon until next year, so I am so excited to pick some place nice to stay for our wedding night. You rock!
    Love, Grateful Granddaughter
  • Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you for your generosity - even though it makes me worry you are over extending yourself. And thank you for worrying about us overextending ourselves with the house and wedding costs. I guess we will just worry about each other together.

    Your grateful daughter


    Dear Wedding,

    Can't you just finish planning yourself?

    Ready to be married
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  • Dear Mom and Sis,
      STOP FIGHTING! If Sis wants 4 month old, quiet and always sleeping niece at my shower, thats fine!! If sis wants 3 year old nephew to eat dinner at wedding reception, THATS FINE! Stop putting me in the middle!!! 

      The trying to keep stress-free bride
    Dear Wine,
      You were delicious, and I love you, but 5 bottles between me and 2 BMs were a little too much last night.

     A hungover bride to be and 2 BMs

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    [Deleted User]hardlyhannah
  • Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you SO much for understanding and having dad wear a suit instead of his Class A uniform!  This will hopefully cause less drama with FIL's!  Also, thank you for being the best sounding board and not judging!

    Your Not So Little Girl


    Dear BM,

    Thank you for taking the reins and getting the ball rolling on the shower and bachelorette party!  I was semi-ok with not having anything but now that I know there is the possibility I'm excited!

    A Grateful Bride


    Dear Matron of Honor,

    Please stop belittling BM because she is trying to follow my requests for the shower and bachelorette party.  Had you not waited until the last minute there would be more time to plan and you wouldn't feel like you are backed into a corner and no one liking your ideas.

    Frustrated Bride
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