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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies!

You know what to do - complaints go here!
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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • WTF stupid people.  My bank account called today to confirm two weeks of purchases because VISA somehow got compromised ..  SO now they have to reissue my card.  I can use the old one still as strictly debit but not as credit for at least a week.  Which means after that I have to update all of our bills and any other thing we need it for -_- 
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  • ugh that sucks! that happened to me once but it was my DEBIT card. So I had to live off credit cards for a month while the bank worked it out. 
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  • Wow that would suck for me..  Since I do not have any credit cards :( at least I can get money out! 
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  • That happened to me before. It was the worst, because I only have a debit card. They thought someone stole my card because I was making a lot of big purchases in a different state when me and the hubby were getting ready to move.
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