Hotel room block costs

I was curious to see what everyone thought was a reasonable rate for a downtown PGH hotel room block.

Our reception is about ten minutes from downtown and not close to any other hotels. We thought a downtown hotel would be our best bet. Our wedding is in September, which is football season (and possibly baseball season!! Who would have thought?!)

As of now, the two of the nicest hotels have quoted us at $189/night.

Is that reasonable? Or too high?


Re: Hotel room block costs

  • So we're doing a September wedding and our rate at the Renaissance is $169, which I thought was really reasonable. We're 2014, so we don't know what the football schedule is that week, but I would have taken it either way. 
  • We got Embassy in Moon for $129 a  night
    FYI, we are getting a room in NYC next month for $229 a night.  
  • Thanks everyone! jnissa - what is your date? I'm September also!! And we're looking at the Renaissance and Omni.
  • We're September 13, 2014. I really wanted a 13 number since it's my lucky number, and we were hoping for September so it worked out :) 

    We looked at the Omni, too. We liked the wedding coordinator better at the Renaissance, but he's moved on so that's not a big reason any more (though the new guy seems great). When it came down to it, the deciding factors for us were really:
    - Renaissance was more flexible about changing the presets on the menu and bar
    - And probably more importantly for us since we have a ton out of-town-guests, the area around the Renaissance was a whole lot nicer for people who might want to wander around, eat something, go to the north shore, etc. 

    We did love the Omni though. You can't go wrong either way if you want a more urban feeling downtown wedding!
  • Oh lord.

    You know, the first thing I said when he left was "The people I feel the worst for the weddings that are happening in the next six months." Good luck. I hope everything works out.
  • Oh no :(  I would honestly call the GM at this point... There's no excuse for not returning an email this close to your date.

    If you're thinking about a last minute planner/coordinator, inbox me. The company I'm working with is AMAZING, reasonable, and has connections at the Renaissance. Not like you want an extra last minute cost, but if it'll give you peace of mind, it's worth it.

  • I am 169/night at the Hampton Inn in the strip.
  • $159/night at the DoubleTree Downtown - our wedding is Sept. 27th of this year
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