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Charger Plates

Hello! I would like to have chargers. But I want to pay less than $1.50 per plate. Any suggestions? 

Re: Charger Plates

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    Check out Michael's.  They typically have them in a variety of colors and almost always have some sort of sale going on, or make sure to grab some coupons.

    On a side note, I would save your money and skip the chargers.  They really do not add anything to the overall look of your table and some times (like with my friends wedding a few months ago) the venue removes the charger along with the salad plate before serving dinner so they were only used for maybe 15 minutes.

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    What are charger plates?
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    They're decorative plates that sit under the main plate to dress up the setting. I've never seen them used at a wedding in my area.
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    Ok. Thanks for explaining. I've never seen them in my area either.
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    If you want just plain silver or gold, look at your local dollar store. They all have them.
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    We are renting gold chargers through our linens vendor - the unit rental price is approximately what you could get them for at Dollar Tree, otherwise I would have bought them. Although this way I don't have to deal with them after the wedding. 

    In comparison to other ways of dressing up the tables, I think chargers actually give you a really pretty, polished bang for your buck. We are requesting that the servers don't remove them until the entree plates are removed before cake/dessert. 
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    I got some chargers from a store called Tuesday Morning for really cheap - it's like a TJ Maxx I think, but I don't know if they have them everywhere.

    ETA: more like HomeGoods - less clothes more house stuff.
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    My mom and dad have chargers that they like to use for holidays.  They know that the chargers are "supposed" to be removed along with the salad plate but they leave them out through all of dinner because they like the way the look and want to enjoy them longer.
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    dollar store, michael's sell them for 80% off at the end of the season which is now for summer colors.

    I also suggest skipping them

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