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Affordable Wedding Dresses?

Does anyone know where in the Twin Cities is a good bridal salon with affordable wedding gowns?  I would rather not buy a second hand dress but am on a budget.  Thanks!


  • Davids Bridal is one that has affordable gowns...Depending on what you're looking for, the Wedding Shoppe has fairly inexpensive gowns too.
  • Thank you!  I was hoping for a smaller shop than David's Bridal and maybe the Wedding Shoppe will work for me!

  • I'd also recommend checking the Knot board called 'Attire and Accessories' for ideas. I found a wedding dress in a shop in Minneapolis that I loved, and was able to buy it from a discount mail-order wedding shop for half the price based on advice from that board!

    Also, check out Netbride.com. It is run by Rush's Bridal in Minneapolis, and they offer brand name bridal (and bridesmaid) dresses at a big discount, often 40% or more off the regular price. I got my bridesmaid dress through them and they were fantastic. And FYI, their prices were 50% less than the Wedding Shoppe!! And their service was MUCH better than the Wedding Shoppe too...WS said I had to pay a $125 rush fee to get the dress in time for the wedding, but Netbride said my dress would arrive in plenty of time before the wedding without a rush fee. And it did...it arrived a few weeks after I ordered it.
  • Be very careful of ordering from online sites that offer designer dresses at a discount. Most times you will get a low-quality replica that doesn't look or fit the same. How much are you looking to spend? There are lots of bridal salons at various price ranges. You just have to find one that has numerous styles in your range.
  • I ordered mine from Etsy!
  • Online places work great but be cautious if you're the type that wants to try something on before you buy...your wedding dress is a big purchase!
  • Bride to be consignment in Bloomington! I haven't gone there yet but they have apparently over 2,000 dresses.
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  • eas1223 said:
    Be very careful of ordering from online sites that offer designer dresses at a discount.
    This is EXACTLY why I suggested going to theKnot Attire board for suggestions. The posters there have experience with who is reputable and who is not. After getting good advice there, I found a great retailer  that got me a REAL dress from the designer at more than half off what a local shop was charging.
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