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Who to tip??

Ok ladies, I need some help/advice! I'm getting married on September 28th and I'm wondering what the etiquette is for who and how much to tip on my wedding day. Besides the vendors that include gratuities (limo, hair/make up), who else should be tipped? DJ? Photographer (I have 2, plus an assistant)? Photo Booth attendant? Videographers? Wedding coordinator at our venue? Our price per person includes tax and gratuities, but should I be giving him something extra?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Who to tip??

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    Tip anyone who you think went above and beyond. Also check your contract, some might include gratituities.
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    It's a nice gesture to tip ceremony musicians. Unless it's the big act in town, ceremony musicians ask for (and receive) comparatively little pay for the services they provide. It makes them into giddy schoolchildren to receive a little nod at the end of the day.

    Of course, if they were ill-prepared or performed poorly, it goes without saying that the tip wasn't earned.

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    Hey, same wedding day for me! :)

    I was also wondering about tipping but I have read that if all goes well, then vendors should be tipped (assuming, like Teddy917 said, that it's not already included in the my cake delivery/gratuity is already paid for by my venue). We have 7 band members though and have no idea whether we should give one big amount to the band leader or split it up in 7 envelopes. We'll tip the photographer as well. Somewhere between 10-15% seems reasonable...although I know that's low per normal tipping standards.

    I will not be tipping our venue's wedding coordinator, but if all goes well I will write her a very heartfelt thank-you note. She's been sweet but very slow to respond to emails through the process and to me that shows just an average job done.

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    I didn't have a coordinator, but I did hair dresser, dj, organist, photographer, limo driver, organist, cash gift to pastor. Cake was included with my reception costs, so no delivery/tip needed. Also they included the grautity charge in the per person rate so the staff was tipped.
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    A good review would also probably be appreciated.
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    Do some research. Martha Stewart has a guide [link] & I know there are many others in wedding books, magazines, etc. As PPs suggested, read contracts carefully to make sure you're not already being charged a gratuity so you don't double-tip. 
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    kimmish01 we are also having a photo booth and I hadn't planned on tipping but now that I see your inquiry maybe I should consider it??


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