Who to tip?

I posted this on the etiquette board, but wanted to get some local advice also from brides who have used my vendors:

Ok ladies, I need some help/advice! I'm getting married on September 28th at Woodwinds and I'm wondering what the etiquette is for who and how much to tip on my wedding day. Besides the vendors that include gratuities (limo, hair/make up), who else should be tipped? DJ (DJ melee)? Photographer (I have 2, plus an assistant - J.Fiereck)? Photo Booth attendant (provided by photographer)? Videographers (Hartford Videographers)? Wedding coordinator at our venue? Our price per person includes tax and gratuities, but should I be giving him something extra depending on if he goes above and beyond?

What's the standard amount for each? 15-20%?

Any help from brides who have used some of these vendors in the past would be greatly appreciated. I'm just not sure, and don't want to seem rude, but then again I'm already spending a TON of money for their services. Thanks all!!

Re: Who to tip?

  • Unfortunately I don't remember how much we tipped (that was up to the parents) but I got married there last year and I know for sure we tipped Scott and DJae Melee since they were amazing and we got a great deal with both.  The parents didn't have any intentions of tipping anyone extra but changed their minds after how smoothly the night went.  Plus our guests tipped the bartenders. 

    The reason we tipped Scott was because he went above and beyond all night.  I never would have known he was working another wedding as well.  He kept everything running smoothly and on time.  He was also there to tell us when our courses were coming out so we could greet our guests but still eat.  We tipped DJae Melee because he was more than $1000 cheaper than the DJ we had reserved (no deposit) and we also got additional taken off for donating in one of his holiday fundraisers.  He was beyond reasonable price-wise and kept everyone on the dance floor all night long.  Although he was difficult to get in touch with at times he stepped up to the plate when it counted.  I even texted him that day with an introduction change and he accommodated that and H's cousin singing a song at our ceremony with no issues.  In my opinion, if they exceed expectations tip accordingly.
  • We tipped pretty much all of our vendors - DJ, photographer, hair and make up, limo driver, DOC, and catering staff (which included bartenders).  I think the only person we didn't tip was our contact person for the venue because she was useless and our DOC did everything in her place.
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