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Wedding Jewelry, Charming Charlie thoughts

Has anyone been to charming Charlie for any wedding jewelry, hoping to go there in a week or so. Was wanting some ivory pearls/rhinestone mix. 
Just wanting some feedback of their jewelry. 
Thanks :) 

Re: Wedding Jewelry, Charming Charlie thoughts

  • Ah yes!  I bought a bracelet that has pearls and rhinestones for about $14!  I'm hoping to find jewelry for my girls there too depending on what they have in my colors...I wish I knew how to upload a pic for you!  It looks a lot like this http://www.etsy.com/listing/108528920/pearl-and-rhinestone-bracelet-pearl and it's for a fraction of the price!  I'm not a huge jewelry person but I think this is a gorgeous bracelet!  It's in a little cubby near the fitting rooms by all the white jewelry in the area just to the right and behind the checkout (if you're looking at the registers)
  • Oh you rock, thank you. That is what I needed to find out! I signed up for their email, and they sent me a $10 off $50 or more coupon, I'd sign up if you haven't yet. Especially if you are going to get your bridesmaids jewelry there. 
  • You're welcome!! :) I think I've signed up so hopefully I didn't delete it!  Thanks for letting me know, I'll look for it?
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