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Jazz Band Quartet for Reception - Can you dance to it?

Hi All,
My fiancee and I are planning to have a friends jazz quartet play our reception in January. We really like the sound of a nice, simple jazz quartet with a vocalist. A DJ just isn't our thing. But recently we started going through the types/genre of music to play and started wondering "Will anyone know how to dance to this music"? I personally have never attended a wedding reception with a jazz band or any live band, only DJ's. So this is new territory for us. 

Any advise from others who have done something similar? I would venture to guess that most people (especially younger) are more comfortable danving to DJ Pop or Contemperary music. Should we be concerned if we have a jazz quartet play live music from the 30's-60's?


Re: Jazz Band Quartet for Reception - Can you dance to it?

  • I think this sounds really fun actually! People will dance to anything that has a good beat to it so I wouldn't worry. If you want to encourage it further make sure you and your fiance know how to dance to the music and others will take the lead from you. I would MUCH rather listen/dance to jazz music I may have never heard before rather than the same top 40 songs heard on the radio every hour. I would also suggest trying to find some familiar jazz songs (probably more from the 60s era) so that even when your guests hear songs they don't know they can find something familiar they are comfortable with. 

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