I'm just wondering if anyone has hired a babysitter/babysitters for their guests with small children.  I have quite a few out of town guests with kids and I want to give the parents the option to either send their child to a babysitter in a quiet part of the venue or to maybe even leave them at the hotel with a babysitter...

Any suggestions for babysitters or services that do this kind of thing?
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Re: Babysitters?

  • I would make sure this is something your guests want before you hire someone. I think a lot of parents may be uncomfortable leaving their kids with someone they don't know and didn't hire, even if it is just in the next room.

    Just some food for thought.
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  • I just figured it would be a good option given the number of small children that are going to be there.  I've started asking around if it's something people would take advantage of.  I didn't really have the option of excluding children from the proceedings (nor did I really want to) but the wedding goes from 6-11 pm so there are going to be some zonked little ones and parents who are going to either want to take them home or put them in the care of a trusted person, which is why I was asking for the name of a reputable service.
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  • Hi moquat! I'm doing the same thing, and so far the parents are ECSTATIC at the thought of a free sitter for the wedding so they can enjoy the evening. My reception is in a hotel, so i've rented a room and the kiddo's get to have a fun sleepover (they can sleep over or parents can pickup late) and when they're tired they can crash. 

    We've opted to hire a daughter of my Future step mother-in-law's sister. Maybe you can find a friend of a friend/ extended family who wasn't on the guest list.

    On the other hand... I work for a company called College Nannies and Tutors... they do on-call and one time babysitting placements.. might be able to help you!

    (Or, depending on when your wedding is, i might be available! Lots of experience and references!) 

    Good luck! 
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