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Any CT brides have their wedding (ceremony and reception) at Eolia in Waterford? This was the first place we checked out and I still love it but there is some opposition. If you had your wedding there, could you answer these questions? How many people did you have? Did the layout affect the reception (e.g. broken up rooms)? How did you work with the layout? (e.g. family style tables, round tables, etc). What did you do in terms of reception "schedule?" Did you eat a little, dance a little, then eat more, etc or did you do all the eating first then danced? Did any one have to have their ceremony under the tent due to rain? We are planning on a wedding in September. Since there is no AC, did you have your wedding on a hot day and was it hot in the house? Did you find having only 2 bathrooms problematic? How was your overall experience? Your input would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Have you been to the venue. I have not but plan to, I'd be interested in all these answers as well...
  • Several of my friends have had weddings at this venue, I also looked into using the mansion as my venue, and had held the date, but to do work conflicts, we had to let it go and book elsewhere at a later date (since the mansion books up rapidly and all the rest of the weekend dates were taken for this year).
    I have seen the rooms set up with rectangle family style tables and as round traditional tables. Both look great. A mixture of both works as well. I would say the mansion is best suited for 80-90 people, even though it can accommodate more. The dance area is set up outside under the tent, and most everyone does a sprinkling of tables so their guests who want to, can sit outside while everyone else is dancing.
    The tent can also be enclosed and still makes a beautiful location for a ceremony, although it isn't as gorgeous as the garden or the amphitheater by the water. Like anything though, it is what you make it.
    On a hot day the house is very stuffy/hot. There is no air system. Even under the tent it can be very humid and uncomfortable. That is one major set back to the house. September should be a perfect time to hold a wedding at the mansion as the temperatures in September are not nearly as bad as July or August, and it tends to be not nearly as humid out.
    The bathroom situation is what it is. It is encouraged not to have a designated male and female bathroom, but make both bathrooms for both parties, so that it helps guests make use of the facilities in a quicker fashion (men tend to be a lot quicker in the bathroom than the ladies). It hasn't been a problem.
    The only real qualms we had with the mansion were: the set up time not being until 3pm (that is also when you are allowed to enter the mansion to use the bridal room), the limit of only being able to use 3 set caterers (two of which were very pricey, and the other was just not nearly as good). Otherwise the mansion is a dream! I was disappointed to not have our wedding there, and if you have the opportunity and means to do so, I think it is a completely gorgeous place for a wedding. 
  • Thanks for your input! Have you been to any other venues that are similar to Eolia? We are looking for a venue that is not just your typical banquet hall/ballroom yet still on or very close to the water. I think Eolia is still in the running but we want to make sure there's nothing else out there.
  • Don't forget Avery Point - The Branford House.  It's stunning!  We put a deposit for our June wedding here.
    Check out photos here:

    I've also seen photos from Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown and that is beautiful as well.
  • You can also look into having a tented wedding at the Eugene O'neill Theater Center in Waterford. It is located next to Harkness Park (where the Eolia mansion is).

    A tented wedding there looks absolutely beautiful, and it actually has a gorgeous view of the water, the same, if not better than Harkness Park.
  • We looked at both Branford & Eolia. Both are the same price. Picked Eolia due to the gorgeous grounds & the lighter interior. We are getting married 8/30/14 (we asked the woman who gave us the tour & she said sept is the best as everything is in bloom & its not too hot). I think Wadsworth & Thompson Manor are $$ so we didn't bother. Eolia does soooo many weddings as does the caterers so we aren't too worried about bathroom or layout. dance floor is outside & they open most of the doors. 
  • Thanks for everyone's help!  We ended up finding a place closer to home in Fairfield County right on the water that was very reasonably priced.  Although it doesn't have the character of Eolia, we're happy with the choice!
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