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This week has draaaaaaaagged.  What's up for the weekend?

Saturday we have 6let's first soccer game.  The good news with this season is niece is also playing so MIL has to split her time between games.  We might hit the church festival Sat night.  I don't know if I want to though.  Sunday I'm escaping to go to church and lunch BY MYSELF.



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    agreed that this week has dragged.  Today promises to be slow too.

    We have DH's organization fundraiser tonight.  It's a cocktail, heavy whorederbs party.  You are supposed to be formal up top, with party and wellies (rain boots) on the bottom.  I'll be glad for this to be over, it's consumed a lot of time this week.

    Saturday, DH is taking my mother and I on a tour of his school gardens.  Mom is excited, I'm meh.  I'm glad he's excited; gardening is not my thing and probably will never be.  DH and Mom love it though, so it's nice to see their heads bent together over something.  I'll take the camera and see if I can get some nice shots they might be able to use for newsletters and the like.

    Sunday is a bike ride (yay!).
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    Tonight is a Target run and probably more vacation crafting.  I've been obsessed with making cookie sheet magnet trays for the girls.  DH warned me not to put so much work into them because they might flop.  He's right, but it's fun for me to prep like this.  So far I've magneted a couple puzzles and about two dozen Monsters Inc and Princess puffy stickers.

    The ILs want the kids overnight on Saturday so DH and I are going to take full advantage.  We aren't sure what we will do yet, but it will be something.

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    DH should be getting checked in at the airport as I type this.  YAY!  :)  He got to have dinner/drinks with our friend that lives in San Diego last night.  I was so jealous.  I love that dude and his family so much. 

    The kids are super excited that dad is coming home today.   I think we're just going to chill tonight.  I have to work tomorrow and I think my parents are watching the kids so we can go to dinner.  IDK what we're up to on Sunday. 

    Next week is going to be jam-packed. We'll have all of our 'normal' stuff (work, kids, school, guitar lessons, etc) and we'll be getting ready for our Labor Day trip and we have a funeral Weds night.  I'm so glad I'm off Thursday and the kids will be at school/the sitter.  I'm hoping to get a lot done. 
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    Wolverine has an in-service day, so we'll be hanging out at home today. I may take her to Monkey Joe's to play after naptime. DK is home sick/working from home. I'm taking crazy amounts of zinc pills to try and avoid his cold. 

    We have dinner and a play date scheduled with one of my coworkers, tomorrow. DK has a meeting with his aquarium society in the afternoon. I'm hoping everyone is feeling well enough to go.

    Not sure what is happening Sunday, but I'm hoping to take it easy, and maybe see a movie or get lunch by myself. 
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    This week has been just weird, with H working 4-12 each day and today he's working 8-4 so I get to see him tonight.  YAY!

    We're riding bikes tonight, then shopping for jeans for him and then dinner out.

    Tomorrow is short or long run (depending on legs + schedule).  I want a good 12 miler in before my race next Sunday (half), but we'll see.  Then regular Saturday shenanigans, then hopefully a bonfire cookout with friends.  I'm excited for that.

    Sunday will be nothing or as close to that as possible.

    Taw, that sounds like tons of fun, magnets and all. 

    Also YAY for mr. conn coming home!  :) 

    Varuna---I hear you on the bike riding...I'm loving it lately.  Of course my legs hate me, but hey whatever.
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    Tonight, I need to get my hair & eyebrows done.  I look like a hot mess.

    Tomorrow- 8 freaking hours of childbirth class, then DH is taking me for a mani/pedi and dinner afterwards.

    Sunday- maternity pictures and hopefully a good amount of laziness afterwards

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    Ohhhh @alikatt17!  Ask if the photographer can do some of the ones with the ultrasound picture super-imposed on your belly!   Or with you and DH nekkid with your DH covering your bewbies with his hand!!!!    
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    @AuntFlo My mom got weird when I told her we were doing maternity pictures.  She was like, "You aren't planning on doing any of those Demi Moore style pictures, are you?"  I told her I would be completely clothed at all times.  She said, "Oh thank god, I didn't think that sounded like something you would do."  Thanks for the confidence, mom!

    We're also having them done in a forest preserve, so I'm a little nervous about that whole indecent exposure thing ;)

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    alikatt17 said:

    We're also having them done in a forest preserve, so I'm a little nervous about that whole indecent exposure thing ;)

    whatever you do, don't let your photographer convince you to wrap your bump in poison ivy- leaves of 3, let it be.
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    Ded @ the Demi more thing

    Did I tell you guys that H left me for a blonde in Virginia? Technically, he left the state, not me as in our relationship. And the blonde is his sister. But he has been living with her for almost two weeks now and I am sinking further into hermit status and it is glorious. I have not a single thing on my weekend calendar. I need to mow and do a zillion other house projects, but no people to see, no hairs to comb or body parts to bathe....H may have some concerns upon returning for a visit.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I'm in a crap mood. DH was supposed to plan something for my birthday and apparently he did. He let it slip that he originally had us going out of town, 2 hours north for the weekend. Which sounds pretty fucking glorious because it's about 20 degrees cooler up there, and I could swim for like 2 days straight. But he scrapped that and now we are staying home and he has fun stuff planned for us. Awesome. :/ I feel like a shit person for this- I didn't provide any input and he's really excited for what he's got planned.

    Today I am working till noon. I already ate some ice cream. After I get off work, I'm thinking of driving over to the giant fabric store because I want to look for fabric for the cornice box and crib skirt I'm making. No idea what the rest of the weekend holds. Maybe I'll say screw DH and go to my parent's house and go swimming there. Bitter, cranky ass party of one over here.
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    8 HOURS of childbirth class? Is that normal? Some women aren't even in labor for 8 hours. 
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    It's the childbirth marathon vs going to several classes.  It's what the hospital offers.  I can't imagine WTF they are going to do for 8 hours.  Class description mentions video, lecture, and practicing some floor exercises.  I hope there's a giant lunch break! 

    We're supposed to bring a second-hand watch, lolz.  Who owns one of those?  I got the contraction app for my phone. 

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    At our hospital Ali, they do the marathon class too. I saw the breakdown of the class and it was like 2 hours of discussing pregnancy, the labor process, post birth info/recovery. 2 hours of pain management techniques and options. 1 hour for questions. 1 1/2 hours for breaks. The remaining time was infant care basics.
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    @alikatt17 does it include the hospital tour and "how not to kill your infant 101"?

    the only class we made it to was a two hour class on how not to kill your infant (basic care - changing clothes, diapers, feeding, etc.) - all of the others were scheduled for 33+ weeks, and I was hospitalized at 33W for the pre-e and induced at 33W6D, had her at 34W. I never made the classes. 
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    From the class description: This class covers pregnancy and aspects of labor and delivery such as the role of the labor coach, childbirth choices, OB procedures, breathing and relaxation techniques, and medication options.

    The "how not to kill your infant" class we're taking on Monday night.  Neither of us has any experience with babies so I figured if we wasted our Monday night and learned nothing, it wouldn't kill us.

    We did the hospital tour a couple months ago.

    I'm 33 weeks today, so hopefully we'll make it to breastfeeding parts 1 and 2.  So far, everything has been very normal and we have another dr appt and growth u/s on Tuesday.

    They just called to let me know they're providing a light lunch.  That was nice, considering we paid $95 for the class.

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