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Does a marrige have to be legal?


Re: Does a marrige have to be legal?

  • tally7 said:
    You can probably get married then file separate returns /file some kind of legal document about the debt etc - that way you are not making each other responsible -keep insurance bank accounts separate -

    I have a pre-nup and it was amended to be a marital agreement once we were actually married. Everything is separate, except for the home we live in. If we weren't open with each other, I would never know what he has in the bank, what is 401K looks like, what he charges to his CCs, or what he pays on his car. And vice versa of course. Why get married then? Well, we feel very strongly about sharing the non-material part of our lives together and we want to be able to assist one another if ever needed without barrier or consequence. I should mention that he also has a living trust, so before we were married, I still was able to make decisions for him if he became ill. However, being married just eliminates having to take the time to dig out my power of attorney during a potentially critical time.


    As for taxes, that varies by state how they handle "married by filing separately". I withhold as a single person, but we will file jointly.



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