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I am having some trouble thinking of ways to have a semi-grand entrance at my wedding. We are having the ceremony in the middle of a fairway at a golf course, but unfortunately, it is surrounded by flat land so there is really nowhere for me to hide before hand. Other problems that come up are that there is really no way for a vehicle other than a golf cart to get there and driving up as the ceremony starts isn't really an option in this case. Does anyone have any ideas or experiences with situations like this??? Thanks in advance :)

Re: Golf Course Wedding Entrance

  • Why isn't driving up an option? If you're getting married on the fairway, I think that's a really cute idea! 

    I don't think they'd allow this on the course - but I always think it's cute when people use the horse carriage. I've seen people do tents, but it seems a little fussy to me.

  • I agree!  Festoon the cart with balloons or streamers and boogie up the slope!  Some appropriate music might be in order as you approach -- I found a song on YouTube that made me smile - Bing Crosby did a song called "straight down the middle"..... "the sun was never brighter, the greens were never greener and I was never keener to play....I heard it ping down the middle.  It went zing down the middle...."

    I say have fun with it!  Good luck!
  • Thank you both for your replies :) I'll look more into the golf cart option. The only problem I had with it before was that it would be a long and awkward drive since the fairway is so long and flat, but we looked again and found a few other sides I can enter from that are a little more covered by hills. I also like the idea of dressing up the cart a little, heck maybe I can even cover the sides with tulle so they won't see me until I get off the cart (with openings to see of course). Thank you again for your input ladies :)
  • We had to get down to the waterfall on golf carts. I, too, was bummed that I couldn't have a grand surprise entrance, but I just went with it and had fun anyway!
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