Bartenders and linen service for Lawrence Topeka and Wichita area

I just recently got married a few weeks ago at the Victorian veranda country inn. First and formost beautiful place and wonderful people to deal with I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a country outdoorsy wedding. But the reason for my post is to let every future bride know NOT to hire bartenders on the go or linens on the go and here is why... If you are looking to hire a licensed bartender company for any event DO NOT HIRE this company. I cannot stress enough how unprofessional her services are. Means my husband got married a couple of weekends ago and before the day of sheets a pleasure to deal with she seemed organized and well collected and seemed to pay attention to detail. The day before our wedding she was supposed to be there setting everything up because she also runs a linens company also called linens to go which for us sounded great cause it ment only having to deal with one person for multiple services. So she was supposed to decorate our venue and reception hall with her team of five decorators. When we arrived first thing I noticed was her team of five decorators were all under the age of 12. They were all her nieces and nephews that were putting on table covers and chair covers running around the venue and playing under the table covers. Needless to say she did not finish the decorating which by 9:00 pm the same night most of them had fallen down or were left unfinished. My mom and dad and bridal party had to go in and finish the decorating which we had payed her to do. She had left all of the ladders that they had been using laying behind the head table. Now to move on to the day of. She was supposed to return the morning of the wedding to decorate the arbor for our ceremony which she did not come back to finish because she did not have time to come do it so my mom and sister and dad had to decorate which is another thing we payed her to do because she demands you make full payment for everything a month before the event date!!!! She did not bring all the linens that we had agreed on and payed her for. She didn't do anything that we had payed her for. Now when it comes to the bartenders side. On the night of our rehearsal dinner we had decided at the same time we hired her to do our bar service for our wedding reception that we we use her for that evening we hired her to do a beer and wine service which they were to be there for 5 hours. They ran out of everything within the first 3. The night of the wedding we had ordered and payed her for four bottles of champagne and she sent one!! Which after a severe phone call she finally agreed to send the bartender to the liquor store to get the remaining 3 that should have been there and in the cooler. Our keg of beer that we payed for she brought the night before and wanted to leave it sitting on the hot concrete because she did not bring anything to set it in and did not want to pay for ice to set it in. So fortunately the owners of the venue found this unacceptable and took it upon themselves to go out and get a barrel and buy the ice to put it on to make sure it was good the next evening and not hotter then hell when being served to our guests. We had payed for a cash bar and two bartenders for the reception which we were told the second would provide table service to make sure everyone was taken care of because we had some guests that could make a bunch of trips up and down the stairs to go to the bar. But NO table service was done most of the night the two bartenders were to busy talking to each other to even notice when someone came up to the bar and they were very rude with the service to myself and the groom and guests. Our reception was suppose to run from 6-11 and again the bar ran out of all wine by 8-830. We had asked for three kinds which again we payed for. They only brought one kind and that was gone by 9. Overall her service was horrible. If I would have known this back in February of 2013. I would have NEVER hired her. I am posting this in hopes that who ever reads this will take a word of advice and do not hire this company. I do not wish anyone to have to deal with any of these issues whether it is a work function or a birthday or someone's special day.
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