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Loeb Central Park Boathouse

Hi Everyone,

I am newly engaged and have been touring venues in and around NYC and Long Island. The Loeb Boathouse is one of my top choices and was wondering if anyone had any reviews for this venue? How was the cocktail hour -since stations are not included were the passed hor d'oeuvres enough?

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    The food is very, very good, but very small servings.  
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    Congrats! We actually booked the Boathouse for our wedding in October. What i can say so far is that they are a pleasure to work with. The food at the restaurant is amazing, and all of the people in my group felt that the portion sizes were more than enough. Plus, its a four course meal in addition to cocktail hour as well as your wedding dessert. Guess it just depends on your personal preferences... We have our tasting this week and I am happy to let you know more at that point.

    A former co-worker of mine had her wedding there and could not have been happier. Her guests still rave about the view, the food and the ambiance. Their vendor list is great too. They have 3 exclusive florists, but i have been very happy with the one we chose. Very helpful, and has given me a lot of beautiful ideas.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you for the feedback! I have been there for dinner a few times but never for a private event. I would love to hear how it all goes especially since I am moving forward with the Boathouse to book an October wedding as well (of 2014). 

    Thanks again and congratulations!  
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    The tasting went very well! In addition to the meal being 4 courses, the portion size of each course is MORE than enough. We didn't finish any of the dishes, and both my fiance and I went home stuffed! The food was great, and I would definitely advise taking feedback from your event manager. The dishes James suggested to us were our favorites by far :)
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    Great! thanks for the update! 
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