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Great Gift for Maid of Honor Ideas?

I got all my girls pretty bracelets for their gift. I want to give my maid of honor something extra because she has been great, and she deserves it. I'm not sure what to get.... any good ideas? I'm trying to keep it reasonable! Thanks 

Re: Great Gift for Maid of Honor Ideas?

  • Shop for her like it's her birthday, like you should for all of them.
  • I also wouldn't give her an extravagant gift in front of everyone, so do the gifts privately. Shop like it's her birthday. No one wants a monogrammed robe or bridesmaid wine glass.
  • I actually am giving my gift very early! 

    My MOH is getting a kitten. She has wanted a second one for a while but its just never worked out and she is finally settled. So we are going next weekend to pick up a new member of our little family!
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